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Whether we’re making the new or transforming the old, we sink our teeth in every project and dont let go until we come up with the best solutions.

who we are

Our skilled pack team hunts great ideas restlessly to ensure clients achieve the impact they want.

Cefnogi's experienced talents, freelancers, and other team members make strategic designs and digital product branding completely tailored to the clients needs. Our work is always research-based. Behind the incredible app, website, or digital brand we provide there are hours of surveys, inquiries, workshops - and quite a few forgotten lunches.

We are able to come up with future-proof digital branding and compelling, people-friendly visual content, successfully navigating any challenges along the way. In addition, we tend to work closely with our remote clients, making them part of the process and providing a wholesome and enjoyable working relationship - or so we’ve been told.

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We embody the spirit & strength of the wolf pack!

Introducing positive changes through the values we cherish.


Fearless mindset

Our team attacks each new task boldly and never shies away from a new challenge. Not only that, but we welcome projects that will make us leave our comfort zones and force us to think outside of the box.


Taking the lead

Once a client comes to us with projects and ideas, we take responsibility for shaping them into unique and practical digital solutions. Like alphas of a pack, we will take the lead, tackle all the challenges, and make sure to deliver only the best results.



Like wolves, we are natural team players who work best in group settings and we thrive in a collaborative environment. That's why we tend to nurture effective and transparent communication inside our team - and out of it.



Wolves are fierce creatures that demonstrate unparalleled determination and resilience in all that they do, much as we exhibit a tireless drive and unwavering dedication to our goals. We won’t stop until we reach the outcome we want.



Wolves are known for their intelligence, tenacity, and problem-solving abilities - and so are we. It makes us the perfect choice for projects that require innovation and creativity, alongside our constant aspiration to learn more and improve ourselves.